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Welcome to Braintune Docs! πŸš€

Braintune is a prompt engineering and management tool developed to address the growing need for a streamlined workflow in managing LLM prompts. We designed Braintune to help developers, prompt engineers, and product owners effectively manage, track, and optimize their prompts across multiple platforms and repositories.

The Need for Braintune​

As AI prompts become more prevalent in modern applications, it’s essential to have an efficient workflow for:

  • Tracking the cost of prompts in production
  • Monitoring user interactions with prompts
  • Managing a large number of prompts
  • Handling frequent prompt updates

Braintune introduces a continuous cycle for managing AI prompts, consisting of:

  1. Creating and editing – Prompt playground and versioning allow you to create and edit prompts.
  2. Deploying – The REST API fetches prompts from Braintune and updates your application instantly.
  3. Monitoring – The REST API sends prompt metrics back to Braintune for monitoring purposes.
  4. Analyzing – Prompt analytics provide insights into prompt performance, enabling further optimization.

By following this cycle, you can ensure seamless integration and optimization of AI prompts in your applications.

Braintune Overview πŸŒŸβ€‹

Braintune consists of two separate components:

  • Web App – A user-friendly web application that enables you to manage prompts and their versions effortlessly, providing a seamless prompt engineering experience.
  • Public API – A reliable REST API that allows you to fetch prompts and their versions, monitor their usage, and seamlessly integrate the API system into your workflow.


As a user, you interact with the Web App to edit and manage prompts, test their performance, and view metrics. Your application communicates with the Public API to fetch prompts and their versions and send prompt metrics back to Braintune.

In summary, Braintune offers a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing AI prompts, catering specifically to developers and product owners who require an efficient and reliable system for AI prompt engineering.